4 Quick Tips to Keep the Stress Away for the Holidays

  1. christmas-cardsChange your perspective.  Pick one task that just makes you sweat during the holidays and look at it in a new light.  For example, if you dread the holiday cards list, enlist your kids to help.  This is an opportunity for some great family traditions: sipping hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music, and addressing cards, talking about the events that are important to each one over the holidays.
  2. christmas-listSkip the shopping list.  Trade the stress of holiday shopping for family members into sharing special moments. Memories and experiences of a holiday show, or breakfast at a fancy restaurant, last much longer.
  3. nutcrackerSkip expensive, high-stress rituals.  Dragging your kids off to see The Nutcracker because of tradition, while they whine every step, might be a sign to make a switch. Families thrive on traditions, but when it becomes less about the event itself and more about time together make sure it is something everyone is looking forward to. When you have complaining kids, rethink expensive, stressful traditions and replace them with simplicity, such as a Christmas Eve take-out dinner, followed by neighborhood caroling.
  4. Focus on what’s most important. That massive pile of holiday cards, the extensive gift list, or maybe it is the several cookie exchanges that are causing you extra stress.  Life coach, Linda Hedberg, suggests refocusing on what’s most important to you.  Just focus on the 10 holiday cards that are most important and send an e-card to everyone else.  It’s a green solution along with less stress!

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