Getting Your Appliances Prepared For the Holiday Season

These are great thoughts for before your holiday Thanksgiving dinner with your family but, some of us may have not gotten all these done. Now is a great time to tackle the tips you missed. Maybe, we should even make this a priority after the holidays, for the time when the turkey splattered all over your oven, and the mashed potatoes boiled over on the stove, or even to clean out the sweets in the fridge.
Hope your holiday was delicious and fulfilling, reflecting on all we have to be thankful for.
Enjoy your clean fridge, stove, oven, and sink.

Point & Click Appliance Repair


The holiday season is finally upon us. As family and friends gather at our houses we must be sure that everything goes right. This time of year also puts the most stress on our appliances. Whether it’s preparing all of our favorite holiday meals and treats in our ovens, storing them in our refrigerators and freezers and cleaning all of our dishes after the big meal in our dishwashers, we are using our appliances more than usual. So how can we prepare ourselves and our appliances for all of this holiday chaos? Here are a few tips to help us out.

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