5 Steps to Reduce Dust in Your Home and Be A Healthier You

dustmiteDo you know what dust is?  Dead skin, pet dander, dust mites, dust mite feces and remains, insect parts, and more!  Yuck!  Everyone breathes better in a home that isn’t so dusty, because dust acts as an irritant to your eyes, nose and lungs. Dust also negatively impacts many items in your home, including clogging up vents in electronics such as your computer, or your refrigerator coils.  Dust accumulates in our homes, so we want to reduce the amount of dust on flat surfaces, floors, and in fabrics and fibers. So take these five steps to reduce dust, and save on extra housework, and keep your family healthier.

  1. vacuumVacuum Regularly – Vacuuming regularly is the most efficient way to reduce dust, but make sure your vacuum has a good filter in it. Vacuums suck up the dust so you can physically remove it from your home, but without a good filter, vacuuming ends up spraying dust back into the air. Vacuuming isn’t only for carpets, though, vacuuming hard floors removes dust better than other cleaning methods.  Also, don’t forget to vacuum these things too:
    •  Upholstered furniture
    • Carpeting
    • Draperies
    • Mattresses
    • Pillows
  2. Dust Regularly – Dusting isn’t hard, but it should be done regularly, and correctly. To remove the most dust, use a slightly damp cloth, which will pick up and hold the dust for easier removal. Start cleaning at the top, and working down, dust first and finish with a good vacuum.
  3. bedWash Bedding Regularly – Washing your bedding regularly will actually reduce the overall amount of your dust in your home. As you sleep at night, your body rubs against the sheets and pillowcase, and you make “dust,” including sloughing off dead skin cells, creating a place dust mites can thrive.  Regular washing & vacuuming helps keep the dust and dust mites away!
  4. dirtyfilterChange Air Filters  – Air filters in your HVAC system, also help to reduce dust, but they must be changed regularly. If you’re concerned about dust and indoor air quality, cheaper filters isn’t always better. If your home is dusty, along with these other strategies, follow these simple tips:
    • Get a better filter
    • Changed filter regularly
    • Install an Air Purifier (preferably one with Capture & Kill Technology)
    • Install a GPS (Global Plasma Solutions) system (Click for more information)
  5. open-windowsOpen Windows – Good ventilation is also key in reducing dust. Homes have become, “tighter,” to save energy costs, reducing air leaks, etc. This saves money, but it doesn’t improve air quality. To reduce concentration of dust in your home let in fresh air from time to time.



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