Give Your Furnance a Little Love to Keep It Running

img_0719The best things you can do for your heating and cooling system to keep it preforming optimally is regular preventative HVAC maintenance from the professionals at Mike’s Heating & Cooling.
Early fall is the best time for a full system tune-up and inspection, before you put your system back to work for approximately another 6 solid months.

How can you, your family, and heating system benefit from the Mike’s Heating & Cooling tune-up and inspection?

1. Keep your heating system operating efficiently and save energy with a 15+ point check with our annual tune-up.

cropped-img_0274-jpg.jpeg2. Avoid unnecessary repairs by scheduling annual preventative maintenance and reduce the number of times you need to call us to make repairs.  Save time, energy, and cold, hard cash!!!

3. Keep your home safe from carbon monoxide poisoning with our tune-up inspections by checking your heat exchanger for cracks.  We also check and tighten all electrical connections, helping to prevent an electrical fire.

docs-154683_960_7204. Extend the life of your system with regular maintenance, can help it to run more efficiently and last longer.

Now is  the best time for a Mike’s Heating & Cooling  tune-up and inspection, you can also save big by joining our maintenance agreement program. Call now to schedule your furnace tune-up and ask us about our maintenance agreement program at (586) 739-2115.


About Mike's Heating & Cooling

We are heating and cooling professionals! We maintain a high level of quality among our staff. All of our installers and technicians are trained on a regular, on-going basis.
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