How an Air Conditioner works #1 of Top Ten Things You Should Know

Ever wonder how your Air Conditioner really works?


ASHRAE posted the top ten things you should know about your Air Conditioning System. Today we will address number one on that list. How an Air Conditioner Works.

The basics are: warm air is pulled by a fan over a coil of cold pipes (an Evaporator Coil) filled with a refrigerant, as the refrigerant absorbs heat it turns from a liquid to a gas, it is then pumped into another coil (Condensing Coil) where it is condensed back to a liquid and the process cycles again. This process requires a lot of movement, air, liquid and gases are all cycling through the system. If the flow is interrupted, issues arise. The interruption might be as simple as a clogged filter, which will cause the entire system to work harder and possibly overheat. Maintenance, is the single most important thing you can do to keep cool and lower operating costs.


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