Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

We hope you are still enjoying some beach time and the last few days of summer.  In all the fun of the summer,  don’t forget, we need to stay on top of the end of season maintenance.  Here are some tips to follow as the fall weather sneaks up on us.

  1. dirtyfilterInspect the filters – A dirty filter is the number one reason that an air conditioner doesn’t cool properly.  This also leads to major repairs in the future. At the change of the seasons is the perfect time to change filters and check for clogs or built up dirt and debris. This will this help your air conditioner run more efficiently for the rest of the summer, and it will also help give you a clean start to next year!
  2. dirty carrierClean the coils –  Just like your filter, your air conditioner’s evaporator coil and condenser coil can end up collecting dirt too.  When inspecting them, pay special attention to keep them clean of leaves, grass clippings, or Cottonwood tree fluff.   Also before you say “good-bye” to your  A/C for the year, give it a final clean for the season.
  3. Prepare a cover – Your air conditioner works hard for you all summer, it deserves a little special love in the winter.  You will want to protect it from fall (extra debris with leaves) and winter weather.  We have A/C covers available, and can five you tips to best keep your system safe from the Michigan snow, ice and cold temperatures.

In addition to performing maintenance yourself, it never hurts to have a professional inspect your system to make sure it’s still in good standing!  We would be happy to give your Air Conditioner a good inspection and make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible with our A/C Tune-up. Mike’s Heating and Cooling has been providing cropped-img_0274-jpg.jpegoutstanding HVAC services to customers in Macomb &  Oakland Counties for over 37 years and look forward to being able to help you next!
Call Mike’s Heating & Cooling today 586-739-2115 and we will help keep you cool!


About Mike's Heating & Cooling

We are heating and cooling professionals! We maintain a high level of quality among our staff. All of our installers and technicians are trained on a regular, on-going basis.
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