Is There A Warmer Fall in Your Future?

ac coverWe are still experiencing warm days, even though the nights are getting cooler.  Hope you are able to enjoy these last few moments of warmth before the weather turns.

It is also a good time to make sure to give your Air Conditioner a little love .  It has been keeping you cool all summer, and it is easy to forget about it.

Air Conditioners can be a big eye sore in your landscape (even though we love to look at those shiny new grey Carrier boxes, most homeowners do not share our affections).  Often times shrubs or perennials are planted around the units to cover them up.  It is important to know that letting this landscape material (or other covers) get too close to your units can limit your air conditioners efficiency and may even cause major damage over a long period of time.

It is recommended to give your Air Conditioner 2-3 feet clearance for maximum efficiency and operational life expectancy. Take some time to just double check that your landscape hasn’t grown up to choke him out.



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