Mini-splits, What Is That?

minisplitMini-splits are over 40 years old, but consumers are just now hearing about them.  Some  terms you hear might be: “mini-split”, “ductless”, or “duct-free split”.  They all mean the same thing.  A system that can heat and cool a small space, an addition, or even help with custom heating and cooling options in a certain spot in your home without cumbersome ducts.

  1. No ductwork  Ductless, means that there is no need for bulky ducts.  Uses:  older homes, new additions, or spaces like sun-rooms with no space for ductwork.
  2. Hot or cold spots fix  A mini-split can fix that chronically hot or cold spot. Uses: garage
  3. Custom zoning  Mini-splits can keep the man cave at 70 degrees and the media room warmer.  You can decide which zones you want to heat or cool, which indoor units needed, and then match them up with an outdoor unit that corresponds to the single or multiple zones you’re implementing in your house.

Mike’s Heating and Cooling has been providing cropped-img_0274-jpg.jpegoutstanding HVAC services to customers in Macomb &  Oakland Counties for over 37 years and look forward to being able to help you next!
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