Saving You Money with a Carrier Air Purifier

Air Purifier - Sale

You can save for a limited time only on the patented Infinity® air purifier! Ideal for homeowners with allergy concerns, those susceptible to airborne germs (such as infants and the elderly), and those sensitive to the effects of molds, pollen, pets and more. It’s our premier air cleaning and purification solution, providing the highest tested germicidal effectiveness with a 99% inactivation rate against selected viruses, bacteria and fungi. And considering most of us spend about 90% of our adult lives indoors, it’s an important consideration for enhancing the environment inside your home. Independent lab testing on the Infinity air purifier technology has shown a 99% germicidal effectiveness (inactivation) within 24 hours for the following:

  • sneezeViruses – Human influenza, common cold, avian influenza, wild type A influenza, measles, smallpox surrogate, and coronavirus (SARS)
  • Bacteria – Bacillus subtilis, Mycobacterium parafortuitum (tuberculosis surrogate), Staphylococcus aureus, Serratia marcescens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Streptococcus (causes sore throat)
  • Fungi – Aspergillus versicolor

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