Tips for Donating to Local Food Banks

You Can Make A Big Difference This Holiday Season…


It is a season for giving, but how do you know which gifts are best?

Here is a quick list of the best choices for food donations that have strong nutritional value:

  • Baby food and baby formula
  • Canned beans: Kidney, navy, pinto, black, chickpeas, pork & beans, refried
  • Low- or no-added salt or sugar canned fruit or vegetables
  • Cereal, no added sugar
  • Fruit juice, 100% real juice (canned or boxed)
  • Instant oats
  • Turkey or beef jerky
  • Boxed meals: Complete dinners such as complete dinners, helper & pasta meals with
  • lower sodium, healthy fats and higher protein
  • Canned meats and fish such as beef stew, chili, hash, salmon, tuna
  • Oil, vegetable or olive (bottled)th (1)
  • Pasta, legumes, lentils, quinoa, millet, (100% whole grain preferred)
  • Peanut butter, nut butters (all natural variety)
  • Instant potatoes
  • Protein bars (at least 6 grams of protein per bar)
  • Rice: Brown, wild
  • Snack Items: 100% whole fruit snacks, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola, popcorn
  • Soup, canned and boxed: low- or no added salt
  • Staples: flour, spices
  • Tomato products: Canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste
  • Whole grain crackers and rice cakes
  • 100% whole grain breads

If fresh food is accepted:

  • Dairy, including low fat or fat-free, vitamin D fortified milk, yogurt, cottage cheese
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Lean meats including chicken, turkey, red meat such as sirloin, tenderloin, round, chuck 90% or higher ground beef; limit/avoid additives and preservatives


For more information and to learn more about St. Joe’s Join Me initiative, please visit


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