Troubleshooting The Most Common Issues with Your Air Conditioner

1421310_446160505490660_571195620_oPoorly-Charged A/C System – If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it is unable to work efficiently.

Outside Unit Isn’t Working – The Condenser fan located outside your home removes heat from the compressor. It also keeps the refrigerant cool. This fan may need repaired or replaced if you have a faulty capacitor; a bad motor or a bad bearing that can cause the motor to overheat. If your compressor fan isn’t working properly, it can ruin your compressor.

Warm Rooms – If you’re A/C isn’t working right, some of your rooms may not be cooling properly. This can be the result of a poorly designed duct system, an air duct leak or a kink in the air duct.

No Cold Air- You need air conditioner (A/C) repair if your unit is not blowing cold air. This can be the result of many things including:
•Dead thermostat batteries
•No Power
•Dirty air filters
•Low charge

dirtyfilterThe number one Mike’s Heating & Cooling Simple Solution of the day is to change the dirty filter.
We are happy to change it for you but it will cost. Purchasing a filter from Mike’s is an average of $38 (a range of $1-$120 depending on your unit), a house call is $89 minimum.

If you waited too long and need to replace your unit or buy your first, visit our webpage for more info


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